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When looking to have quality and fun entertainment in either live digital caricatures or traditional caricature art, Bob O‘Brian will fill the bill. For many years Bob has been entertaining people of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, nationalities, hair styles…. well, you get the picture ( yes pun intended ). With his humor and artistry Bob will draw your features in a professional, non amateurish, humorous fashion.

People are always both amazed and very pleased with the results. Bob has been enhancing the life at parties and events ranging anywhere from weddings, both rehearsal and receptions, conventions, to trade shows, birthdays, 1st year to Bar mitzvahs, to quinceañeras, grand openings, promotional events, company picnics and Christmas parties, graduations, school and university parties, anniversaries and Church events. Bob has pretty much worked at every kind of social commemorative event known to man … except funerals.
No funerals.
And no nudists colonies either…TY

Hours of non-stop drawing entertainment! Social interaction, visual engagement and FUN … along with a tangible momento that guests, friends, and future clients can keep and take home with them. Also with digital caricatures people can spontaneously share their caricatures on social media. And use their digital image for future projects. So whether trying to promote your company at a trade show booth or share smiles at your upcoming party, Bob is ready and able to get the job done. 

Please peruse throughout the website and enjoy the samples of caricatures posted up for your viewing pleasure.



Click on the images below to see more of my work!